Archive for 2007

Using a Human Rights Approach to Achieve Social Inclusion and Equality

December 2007

A collaborative publication on the practical benefits of using a human rights based approach to policy making.

Access to Affordable Childcare for Low Income Families

November 2007

This leaflet focuses on the importance of providing quality and affordable childcare.

Access to Employment for Those Most Excluded

November 2007

This leaflet from EAPN Ireland focuses on the development of an effective activation policy for those who are most distant from the labour market.

Integration of New Communities

November 2007

This leaflet from EAPN Ireland deals with the important issue of tackling poverty and social exclusion among migrants and new communities.

Poverty in Ireland Factsheet

November 2007

This is a brief overview of poverty in Ireland and how it affects specific groups.

Setting Minimum Social Standards Across the European Union

November 2007

This report summarises some of the main ideas and discussion points from the two-year transnational project Setting Minimum1 Social Standards Across Europe, which has considered whether an EU role in setting social standards would strengthen the fight against poverty and, if so, how this can be best done.

Focus on Poverty: Integration of Migrants Benchmarking Paper

October 2007

Recommendations around mainstreaming integration across all areas of policy and service provision.

Focus on Poverty: Childcare Benchmarking Paper

October 2007

This paper analyses childcare policy in Ireland and in the European Union in the context of reducing poverty.

Focus on Poverty: Labour Activation Benchmarking Paper

September 2007

This paper analyses labour market activation policy in Ireland and the European Union.

EAPN Tool Kit: Engaging in the Lisbon National Reform Programmes 2007

September 2007

A briefing to help networks engage with the revised Lisbon Strategy.