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Roundtable Report on 2010 Year for Combating Poverty & Social Exclusion

December 2008

Report from EAPN Ireland’s Roundtable on 2010 Year for Combating Poverty & Social Exclusion. A brief report from EAPN’s roundtable including presentations and inputs from key speakers.

Building Security, Giving Hope: National Strategic Reports on Social Protection & Social Inclusion

December 2008

Builds on EAPN’s engagement with the EU Inclusion Process and assesses the NSRSPS.

Ireland’s Future in the European Union

November 2008

On 3rd November 2008, the European Anti-Poverty Network Ireland made a presentation to the Oireachtas Committee on the Future of Europe, where we called for a vibrant, social Europe.

Shadow Report on Ireland’s NAP Inclusion 2008-2010

November 2008

In November 2008, EAPN Ireland published a detailed and grassroots driven Shadow Report on Ireland’s National Action Plan for Social Inclusion 2008-2010.

A Stronger OMC, but not Enough to Make a Difference!

September 2008

A detailed critique and analysis of the development and operation of the Open Method of Coordination.

EAPN Ireland Lisbon Treaty Project Report & Findings

July 2008

This brief, analytical report focuses on EAPN Ireland’s contribution to the 2008 Lisbon Reform Treaty debate.

Guide to the 30th Dail for Anti-Poverty Groups

July 2008

A detailed guide for anti-poverty campaigners and NGOs about policy and how the Dail works.

EAPN Proposals on Shadow Principals on Active Inclusion

June 2008

EAPN Europe produce an integrated strategy to deliver human rights.

EAPN Ireland Review: Social Aspects of the Lisbon Treaty

May 2008

EAPN Ireland published a detailed and impartial examination of what the Lisbon Treaty means for the development of a social Europe.

Strengthening the OMC

May 2008

A detailed report from EAPN workshop on poverty and globalisation.