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Final Report of the 2010 European Year against Poverty and Social Exclusion Regional Seminars

December 2010

Final report of the 2010 European Year against Poverty and Social Exclusion Regional Seminars.

Series of Interviews with People Experiencing Poverty in Ireland

December 2010

Series of stories of people experiencing poverty in Ireland conducted by EAPN Ireland and published on

Budget 2011 – Government needs to publish a detailed poverty impact report

December 2010

The Government must publish a report on the poverty impact of Budget 2011 which it is committed to carrying out under its own National Action Plan for Social Inclusion.

EU Flagship Platform Against Poverty and Social Exclusion

November 2010

EU Flagship Platform against Poverty and Social Exclusion published Thursday 16th December.

SILC Data Published Thursday 25th November

November 2010

The European Union Statistics on Income and Living Conditions (EU SILC) were released today, Thursday 25th of November, showing that the current crisis has driven more people into consistent poverty.

Say No to Cuts: 2010 Campaign Videos from the Poor Can’t Pay

October 2010

The Poor Can’t Pay has launched two new videos for the 2010 campaign against cuts to incomes of the poorest in Irish society. Please take a look & show your support

EAPN Ireland Policy Briefing: 2020 Strategy & Targets

October 2010

Our policy briefing looks at recent developments at EU level concerning poverty targets, implications for the social inclusion strategy, and the new European flagship initiatives

Events: Skills Seminars – Influencing EU Policy and Obtaining EU Funding

October 2010

As part of the Communicating Europe Initiative, the European Anti Poverty Network Ireland will organise a series of skills seminars for community and voluntary organisations in the November 2010.

Event: Poverty & Inequality in Mayo – Working for Change

October 2010

On Tuesday October 19th, the Mayo Community Platform will hold a conference on working together to tackle poverty & social exclusion in Co. Mayo

New Blog Post: Minimum Income Rates Essential for Social Cohesion

September 2010

Minimum income or social welfare payments are a fundamental right. Read about EAPN Ireland’s campaign to ensure minimum income standards across the EU