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Briefing on Europe 2020 and the European Semester

September 2014

The Europe 2020 Strategy is supposed to be a balanced economic, social and environmental plan for 2010-2010. However Ireland has also agreed to EU budget rules and since 2010 these priorities have dominated with terrible social consequences including a dramatic rise in poverty. This Briefing provides a simple explanation of Europe 2020 and the wider European Semester process which includes the budget rules. With a better understanding and wider engagement with the process it is hoped to bring about an essential change of direction.

Submission on Mid Term Review of Europe 2020

September 2014

The Better Europe Alliance has made a submission on the Mid-term Review of the Europe 2020 Strategy to the Joint Oireachtas Committee on European Union Affairs. It includes a range of proposals for improving delivery of the social and environmental commitments of the strategy.