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EAPN Ireland Flash September 2015

September 2015

EAPN Ireland Newsflash September 2015 The latest news from Ireland and the rents of Europe, with a special feature on the refugee crisis.

Briefing on Poverty Targets, European Semester and Europe 2020

September 2015

The Briefing highlights what the current levels of poverty are and how far Ireland is from meeting its targets for reducing poverty. It provides an update on what the Europe 2020 strategy and European Semester is, where is Ireland in meeting its commitments and outlines why it is important for civil society to engage with this process.

Response to 2015 Country Specific Recommendations for Ireland

September 2015

The Better Europe Alliance response to the European Commission’s 2015 CSRs for Ireland acknowledges some positive proposals on low work intensity households and childcare but highlights that economic priorities could still undermine social goals, the missed opportunities and the omission of a CSR on climate change.