What We Do

The European Anti Poverty Network Ireland focuses on four core areas:

Research and Policy Analysis

The European Anti Poverty Network Ireland has two decades of experience in expert research and policy analysis. Specific areas of expertise include the development, implementation and monitoring of national anti-poverty strategies, social inclusion and the open method of coordinaton, structural funds, employment and welfare strategies. Our Secretariat in Brussels conducts research and sets out policy proposals on a range of issues pertaining to European social policy. The Irish network undertakes complementary research and policy development – written for an Irish audience – to build national support for our efforts at European Level. You can find our most recent policy and research publications in the policy and/or publications section on the homepage.

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Lobbying and Advocacy

EAPN Ireland lobbies at local, national and European level in an effort to ensure that policy development is progressive and ‘poverty proofed’. EAPN Ireland’s lobbying and advocacy strategies include letter and email campaigns, meetings with party leaders and spokespeople, presentations to civil servants and members of the Oireachtas, and the empowerment of our members and affiliates to lobby their own local representatives. EAPN Ireland lobbies on a range of issues including; the Irish budget, the integration of poverty targets in the European 2020 strategy, European social inclusion strategy, national action plan for social inclusion, the Lisbon Treaty, the European Parliament elections, the developmental welfare state and issues pertaining to the protection and sustainability of the community and voluntary sector. EAPN Ireland is an influential and respected member of the community and voluntary sector in Ireland and frequently works with alliances including the Equality and Rights Alliance, the Poor Can’t Pay, the Community Platform and Is Feider Linn.

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Awareness and Communication

All activities in EAPN Ireland are supported by the communications strategy and initiatives include; a monthly e-newsletter with a subscription of over 1500, regular policy briefings, press releases, opinion editorials, letter writing to newspapers, and the promotion of campaigns. EAPN Ireland has over 1000 followers between Facebook and Twitter and also manages a blog called ‘On the Line – Conversations about Poverty in Ireland and Europe‘. EAPN Ireland representatives regularly contribute to discussions in the media on a range of issues including poverty statistics, social welfare provision, employment, and the future development of Europe.

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Capacity Building

EAPN Ireland’s philosophy is fundamentally concerned with building capacity at local and regional level and promoting the participation of people who experience poverty and social exclusion in policy and decision making processes. EAPN Ireland is a membership organisation and works to empower – through training, information dissemination, advocacy, and alliance building – local and regional organisations committed to tackling poverty and social exclusion. EAPN Ireland regularly coordinates training sessions for community groups, public bodies and national organisations on a range of issues including lobbying the European institutions, the future of Europe, the European 2020 strategy, building public support for tackling poverty, and the 2010 Year for Combating Poverty and Social Exclusion. EAPN Ireland is also working on a transnational project to develop innovative procedures to embed that participation of local people into policy development and decision making.

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