EAPN Ireland works within the structures of the Community and Voluntary Sector to affect positive change in Irish and European Society. A major part of EAPN Ireland’s mission is to build capacity and synergies within the sector and to encourage multiple voices to speak as one on issues related to poverty and social exclusion. As part of this agenda, EAPN Ireland is involved in a number of strategic and policy alliances.

The Equality and Rights Alliance

An alliance of NGOs, community and voluntary organisations, academics and individuals who want to defend and strengthen the equality and human rights infrastructure in Ireland. ERA campaigns to build a strong alliance of civil society groups that will hold the Government and State bodies accountable for the equality and human rights infrastructure in Ireland. Website:

The Poor Can’t Pay

The Poor Can’t Pay is a civil society campaign that believes those earning the minimum wage or living on social welfare are not responsible for our present economic crisis. Individuals and families living on or below the poverty line should not be made to pay for the economic crisis. Website:

Poor Cant Pay

The Community Platform

Founded in 1996, the Community Platform acts as a mechanism to facilitate solidarity amongst organisations in the Community & Voluntary sector that work to address poverty, social exclusion and inequality. Website: