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Press Release Budget 2018: We welcome investment in welfare and services. Now we need a much more ambitious plan to fight poverty

October 2017

EAPN Ireland welcomes some of the measures announced in Budget 2018 as a contribution to partially repairing the damage of the years of austerity and to reducing the burden of poverty for some of the 403,000 in consistent poverty but argues that the new plan to address poverty being developed in 2018 must take a much more ambitious approach to have a real impact on poverty and ensure that everyone has access to an adequate income, quality services and decent jobs.

Newsflash June 2015

June 2015

flash june 2015

Conference and publication: Promoting a Socially , Economically and Environmentally Sustainable Ireland in Europe

December 2014

The Conference on 5 December 2014 brought together 70 social and environmental activists and decision-makers to discuss how to bring our concerns to the table, particularly with he mid-term review of the 10-year Europe 2020 strategy next year.  (Background publication here) Speakers included representatives from the Alliance members as well as Marian Harkin, MEP; Rory […]

Submission on Disability Allowance to Advisory Group on Tax and Social Welfare

March 2012

Submission to the Advisory Group on Tax and Social Welfare argues strongly that there should be no changes to the eligibility criteria or levels of the Disability Allowance. What is needed is an increase in services and supports and addressing the barriers facing people with disabilities in accessing jobs, training and education.

Submission on single welfare payment for everyone of working age

February 2012

Submission to the Joint Oireachtas Committee on Jobs, Social Protection and Education expresses strong concerns about the negative poverty impact of introducing a single welfare payment for all people aged 16-64 in the current economic climate.

EAPN Comment Paper to EU Peer Review on Ireland’s Poverty Target

February 2012

In June 2011 an EU Peer Review of Ireland’s consistent poverty target was held in Dublin. This was because of the need for all EU countries to set their own poverty target as part of Europe 2020 strategy. This strategy sets the target of reducing by at least 20 million the numbers of people experiencing poverty and social exclusion by 2020. Paul Ginnell from EAPN Ireland represented EAPN at the Peer Review which included representatives from Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Finland, Latvia, Malta, Norway, Romania, Slovakia, the United Kingdom and the European network ESN. Full details are available at http://www.peer-review-social-inclusion.eu/peer-reviews/2011/the-setting-of-national-poverty-targets. Download publication

EAPN Ireland Policy Briefing: 2020 Strategy & Targets

October 2010

Our policy briefing looks at recent developments at EU level concerning poverty targets, implications for the social inclusion strategy, and the new European flagship initiatives

EAPN Publishes Proposals for Platform Against Poverty

August 2010

The Europe 2020 Strategy includes, as one of its 5 key targets, a target to reduce poverty by 20 million people, to be delivered through a flagship initiative: the ‘European Platform against Poverty’. Read EAPN’s detailed proposals about the kind of platform that we want at national and European level.

EAPN Ireland Publishes Report from Building Social Europe Conference

June 2010

Earlier in the year, EAPN Ireland held an international conference ‘Building Social Europe’ to set out a roadmap for a fairer, social Europe. Download the report.