Policy Submissions

Submission to Consultation on European Pillar of Social Rights

November 2016

EAPN Ireland Policy Group has made its submission to the European Commission’s Consultation on the European Pillar of Social Rights. EAPN Ireland believes that in order to redress the economic and social imbalance in the EU and reverse the high levels of poverty and inequality the EU needs to be ambitious when it announces the new Pillar […]

Submission to Budget 2017

August 2016

EAPN Ireland has made its Submission to Budget 2017. The Submission calls for adequate resources to be made available for investment in adequate social welfare supports and critical public infrastructure and repeats its proposals for the all relevant policies to be poverty proofed and that everyone should have an income to live a decent life.

Submission to National Reform Programme 2016

April 2016

EAPN Ireland has made its submission to the Irish NRP for 2016. It has highlighted the crisis levels of poverty in Ireland, including by those in homelessness, and repeated its call for all of Government anti-poverty strategy to address it.

Better Europe Alliance Response to Country Report 2016

April 2016

The Better Europe Alliance has produced its Response to the European Commission’s 2016 Country Report for Ireland. This Country Report is part of the EU’s European Semester process and provides an analysis of the key economic, social and environmental issues facing Ireland.

Briefing on poverty, 2015 and proposals for 2016-2021

December 2015

Click here for the EAPN Ireland briefing on poverty 2015 and proposals  for 2016-2021 “Poverty in Ireland is not new. Even during the years of economic boom before 2008, poverty levels in Ireland were higher than in many Western European countries. Since 2008, those already suffering from  poverty, who have the  least to give, have suffered […]

Community Platform: Four Tests for Budget 2016

October 2015

Read here: Four tests for Budget 2016 Test 1: Will Budget 2016 redistribute income towards the poorest 20% of the population and compensate those who have lost most over the last seven years? Test 2: Will Budget 2016 strengthen access to quality employment? Test 3: Will Budget 2016 provide the funding needed to restore and strengthen […]

Response to 2015 Country Specific Recommendations for Ireland

September 2015

The Better Europe Alliance response to the European Commission’s 2015 CSRs for Ireland acknowledges some positive proposals on low work intensity households and childcare but highlights that economic priorities could still undermine social goals, the missed opportunities and the omission of a CSR on climate change.

Position Paper on Positive Activation

July 2015

Position paper on positive activation The Position Paper contains a range of proposals for improving the Government’s supports for those who are distant from the labour market to access employment. It stresses the need for supports to be done within an approach that ensures that people have access to a decent income and quality services and that quality employment […]

Budget 2016 – unless we prioritise vital, well targeted spending over tax cuts, the misery for many will continue.

June 2015

EAPN Ireland Press Release – Budget 2016 Prioritise spending on income and services for people on low income over tax cuts for the rich and middle incomes Restore cuts in income and services affecting low income households during the recession, including those affecting lone parents Implement Government policy to ‘poverty-proof’ all decisions and the overall […]

Submission on the Draft Framework Policy for Local and Community Development

April 2015

EAPN Ireland has made a submission to the Government’s Draft Framework Policy for Local and Community Development. In the submission EAPN Ireland argues for the need for the Government to return to a policy of supporting and resourcing strong and independent community sector organisations in Ireland.