Press Release

EAPN Ireland- Response to Budget 2019

October 2018

The budget for 2019 was announced by the Government yesterday, October 9th. Please find below European Anti-Poverty Network Ireland’s response to the budget, welcoming the increases to social welfare rates and calling for an ambitious approach to the new National Action Plan for Social Inclusion.

Workshop: “Designing integrated supports for families experiencing social exclusion”

July 2018

A cross national exchange on learning from the PACT Project in Spain.

Since 2015 PACT has been piloting a model for planning and delivering social services to individuals and families at risk of social exclusion. This workshop is an opportunity to hear about the project and discuss potential learning for an Irish context.

Press Release: Response to the publication of the CSO poverty figures (SILC) for 2016

December 2017

A report today from the Central Statistics Office shows that the number of people living in poverty is still at crisis levels and that those living in poverty are not experiencing the benefits of any economic recovery. EAPN Ireland again calls on the Government to urgently put in place an integrated anti-poverty plan with the ambition necessary to make a decisive impact on poverty.

Press Release Budget 2018: We welcome investment in welfare and services. Now we need a much more ambitious plan to fight poverty

October 2017

EAPN Ireland welcomes some of the measures announced in Budget 2018 as a contribution to partially repairing the damage of the years of austerity and to reducing the burden of poverty for some of the 403,000 in consistent poverty but argues that the new plan to address poverty being developed in 2018 must take a much more ambitious approach to have a real impact on poverty and ensure that everyone has access to an adequate income, quality services and decent jobs.

Response to the publication of the CSO poverty figures (SILC) for 2015

February 2017

In response to the publication of the latest report on the numbers of those in poverty in 2015 EAPN Ireland has again demanded a serious commitment by the Government to fighting poverty. Director of EAPN Ireland stated that “We repeat our call for the Government to implement its commitment to develop an integrated framework for […]

Community Platform Press Statement: Six principles for an inclusive, equal and effective health policy

December 2016

On Human Rights day 2016, 29 leading national organisations working against poverty and inequality point Ireland’s failure to deliver on the human right to health and wellbeing for all

The Community Platform, representing 29 leading national networks and organisations, today launched 6 principles for an inclusive health policy.

Response to CSO poverty figures issued today

November 2015

Press release November 2015 for 2014 CSO poverty figures “What type of society says that it is OK for nearly a third of its people to suffer ‘enforced deprivation’ – i.e. unable to afford basics like a warm coat, a substantial meal every second day or heating your home? “It is time for all parties […]

Better Europe Alliance Press Release in advance of meeting with Oireachtas Committee on EU Affairs

October 2015

The Better Europe Alliance met with the Oireachtas Committee on EU Affairs today. The meeting was to discuss the Alliance’s analysis of the EU’s 2015 Country Specific Recommendations for Ireland which covered Government finances, health, increasing the work intensity of households, and housing.

Community Platform Press release and publication: Widening inequality hitting most vulnerable

July 2015

Widening inequality hitting most vulnerable   Media Release Community Platform – Widening inequality hitting most vulnerable The Future Perspective of the Community Platform: New paper calls for progressive taxation and investment in communities and public services to ensure the rights and welfare of the most vulnerable in Irish society.   The Community Platform, an alliance […]

Budget 2016 – unless we prioritise vital, well targeted spending over tax cuts, the misery for many will continue.

June 2015

EAPN Ireland Press Release – Budget 2016 Prioritise spending on income and services for people on low income over tax cuts for the rich and middle incomes Restore cuts in income and services affecting low income households during the recession, including those affecting lone parents Implement Government policy to ‘poverty-proof’ all decisions and the overall […]