‘Claiming our Future’ Event Notice: Saturday 30th October 2010

‘Claiming our Future’ is an event to stimulate the emergence of a cross sectoral community of interest and action for a more equal, inclusive and sustainable Ireland. Earlier this year Is Feidir Linn, the Irish Congress of Trade Unions, the Environmental Pillar of Social Partnership, the Community Platform, Social Justice Ireland and TASC began a series of meetings to explore how best to cooperate and coordinate endeavours for a more equal, inclusive and sustainable Ireland.

From these initial discussions a wider range of civil society organisations cooperated to organise this event. These organisations include trade unions, environmental groups, community groups, migrant worker organisations, youth groups, older people’s organisations, cultural groups, student groups, developing world groups, rural networks, women’s organisations, disability groups, social media and social justice organisations. We aim to have a thousand people at the event drawn from all parts of civil society and from all corners of Ireland. The event is planned to provide an opportunity to discuss and deliberate on:

  • The values that we share and espouse.
  • The implications of these values for new policy choices.
  • New ways of cooperating and coordinating across civil society to advance these values and policy choices.

Local meetings and activities are being planned throughout the country in the lead up to this event. If you are interested in getting involved in the event and in the local initiatives please get in touch with the organisers through www.claimingourfuture.ie or download pdf brochure

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