Closure of CDPs Will Seriously and Permanently Undermine Local Efforts to Tackle Poverty

Responding on the decision to abolish nearly 30 Community Development projects across the county, Anna Visser Director of the European Anti-Poverty Network Ireland said that the move “will seriously and permanently undermine local efforts to tackle poverty and raises serious questions about the Government’s commitment to facilitating active participation in European Affairs at local and community level”.

“EAPN Ireland has worked in partnership with community development projects on issues like European social policy, structural funds, and the future of Europe for over two decades and CDPs have been invaluable advocates for raising awareness about the importance of Europe at local and community level. The decision to cut funding for projects is short-sighted and will have serious implications for hard-pressed communities right around the country.”

Following the budget, nearly 30 community development projects were deemed “non-viable” by the Department of Community, Rural and Gaelteacht Affairs. Ms. Visser was strongly critical of the manner in which the news was communicated to the affected projects.

“The projects were told of their abolition two weeks before Christmas, in some cases  without an adequate explanation as to why they are no longer considered viable. The CPDs affected by the cuts were then given just four days to appeal the decision. The rushed and opaque nature of the process is deeply inappropriate and represents an insult to individuals and groups working in some of the most disadvantaged communities across Ireland.”

For more information contact:

Mark Byrne

Information and Awareness Worker

European Anti-Poverty Network Ireland

22 Great Strand Street

Dublin 1

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2 Responses to “Closure of CDPs Will Seriously and Permanently Undermine Local Efforts to Tackle Poverty”

  1. Jose Ospina says:

    Can you please send me or publish a list of CDP’s that have been cut?

  2. mbyrne says:

    Hi Jose,

    Thanks for the comment.

    I’ll try to get this for you and publish it on this page.

    Kind Regards,

    Mark Byrne

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