Resources on Participation

Building Effective Consultation and Participation

The production of this report arose from concerns expressed by partners in the “Ireland in Social Europe Project” about weaknesses within consultative processes in Ireland and, in particular, the high level of dissatisfaction with these processes reported by those experiencing poverty, social exclusion and  inequality and by the organisations that represent them. The aim of the report is to:

• Map out key issues and to identify the reasons for a disconnect between the ideals and the reality of consultation and participation.

• Explore models of good practice from other countries that address these issues and draw conclusions on the outcomes for stakeholders.

• Present suggestions on how participation can be made more meaningful and productive, especially for the communities who are the intended recipients of services and policy developments.

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You may also view Ann Irwin, of the Community Workers’ Co-operative’s, presentation on building effective consultation and participation, taken from our “Ireland in Social Europe” closing event in June 2011, here.