The European Anti-Poverty Network concerns itself with European and Irish policies that affect or impact on poverty and social exclusion. Our current primary focus areas are as follows:

Social Inclusion

Promoting socially inclusive policies at national and European level is at the heart of EAPN Ireland’s activities. For us, this means raising awareness about the importance of formulating and implementing policies that tackle poverty and social exclusion. As well as raising awareness, we lobby for the mainstreaming of social inclusion through integrated policies which can deliver a more inclusive and equal society, based on shared wealth. The Social Inclusion section of our website currently focuses on moving towards a social Europe, national and European anti-poverty strategies, and the open method of coordination. There is also a resource and useful links page in the social inclusion section.

Understanding Poverty

EAPN Ireland works on a continuous basis to increase understanding about poverty and social exclusion. Our awareness raising and communication activities in this regard include; informing people about definitions of poverty, tackling negative stereotypes and explaining the link between poverty in Ireland and in other European countries. The Understanding Poverty section of the website focuses on defining and measuriung poverty, poverty in Ireland and poverty in Europe. There is also a resources page in the understanding poverty section.


An important part of EAPN Ireland’s policy focus is concerned with national and European employment policies. EAPN Ireland believes that every citizen of working age is entitled to a quality job and a decent income. The employment section on our website focuses on activation policy (how to get people back to work), active inclusion (providing opportunities for those most distant from the labour market), the developmental welfare state, EU employment strategy, and an overview of flexicurity. There is also a resource page with more information on Employment.

Structural Funds

The Structural Funds were created to help address economic imbalances in the European Union. EAPN Ireland engages  with the development of the structural funds and informs members and affiliates about the programmes. The structural funds section of the website focuses; on what are structural funds?, developing structural fund programmes, current structural fund programmes, and resources on structural fund programmes.

The Future of Europe

EAPN Ireland has an active interest and role to play in the future development of the European Union. EAPN’s primary concern is that the European Union maximises its potential for every citizen by pursuing a social model rather than a primarily market driven model. This section focues on the Lisbon Treaty, and EAPN Ireland and the Lisbon Treaty. There is also a resource page on the future of Europe. This section is currently being re-developed and will undergo a major expansion in the coming months.

Influencing Policy

EAPN Ireland acts as an advocate for its members and affiliates in the context of policy-making at national and European level. We also believe in building capacity within our membership to influence policy in their own right. We’ve produced and collected a number of policy resources that focus on lobbying and advocacy for NGOs and community and voluntary groups.