Accessing EU Funding

Accessing EU funding is of vital concern to community and voluntary organisations. The majority of EU Funds are managed and disbursed by the government departments or agencies within the Member States. These include funds for agriculture and structural funds. The rest of the funds are managed centrally and directly by the European Commission – these include funds for education, research, youth actions and health.

EAPN Ireland has produced a resource manual on accessing EU funding 2011. This resource manual provides an overview of the funding programmes which target poverty and social exclusion directly, or lists them amongst their priorities. The details on specific actions and deadlines are in the programme guides, which can be found on the web-pages of the programmes mentioned in this manual.

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You can also view a video of presentations made during our resource seminar “Accessing EU Funding: Opportunities and Challenges” which provides an overview of EU funding lines and advice on  how to undertake funding applications by experts in this field.

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You may now also view Ronan Gingles’, of the Irish Regions Brussels Office, presentation entitled “Direct Funding from the EU: Why, How and What?” which he made during our resource seminar “Accessing EU Funding: Opportunities and Challenges”.

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You may also follow the link below to view Antoinette Jordan, the NWE Contact Point for Ireland’s, presentation on “Opportunities for Transnational Co-operation” which helps detail how to find partners, eligible partners and partnership structures among other things.

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EAPN Ireland has also produced a guide to European Structural Funds. This guide answers some basic questions on European Structural Funds, their implementation in Ireland and on the relationship between structural funds and poverty.

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