Influencing European Policy

Much of the work of EAPN Ireland involves supporting members in understanding and influencing EU policy.  Understanding how the European institutions work, and how Irish political structures engage with them, is critical to developing strategic responses which seek to influence policy and political outcomes.

Much has been written on how to influence policy from an NGO perspective.  EAPN Ireland has put together the following set of resources as a useful introduction to influencing European Policy:

EAPN Ireland (2009) Building Public Support for Tackling Poverty

EAPN Ireland (2009) EAPN Ireland Review: Briefing on the European Parliament

EAPN Ireland (2008) Guide to the 30th Dail for Anti Poverty Groups

Forum on Europe (2008) How the EU Works

Forum on Europe (2008) The European Union – What it Does

Interaction (2005) Creating Campaigns that Change the World

Government Relations Worldwide (2005) The Definitive Guide to Lobbying the European Institutions

Harvey, B (2002) A Guide to Influencing Policy in Ireland