Submission to Action Plan for Jobs 2018

EAPN Ireland has made a Submission to the Action Plan for Jobs 2018. The submission highlights the importance of:

  1. applying the Action Plan to poverty and equality impact assessment to ensure it is as effective as possible in reducing poverty and inequality and improving economic and social rights.
  2. the provision of quality jobs and decent pay.
  3. where wages are inadequate providing households with an adequate income that in-work supports are accessible and effective in supporting them to bridge that gap.
  4. ensuring equality of access to the jobs for everyone including tackling discrimination; addressing barriers for lone parents and people with disabilities; ensuring that Intreo and the wider public employment operates in a positive person centred way; allowing asylum seekers to work and introducing a regularisation scheme for undocumented migrants in Ireland.
  5. access to quality and relevant education and training.

Download the full submission here.




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