Poverty in Europe

The information below provides a general account of poverty in Europe, as well as links to organisations that specialise in particular areas related to poverty and social exclusion.


Central Statistics Office Survey on Income and Living Conditions



source: cso standards of living and income survey 2008

Quality of Life in Europe Survey

The European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions runs a major survey project  on the quality of life in Europe. This survey covers 28 current and future EU countries. It focuses on low income and deprivation; perception of social integration and exclusion, life satisfaction, working and living, health and care, fertility and family issues and migration trends.Useful resources include?

European Union Social Inclusion Process

Building a more inclusive Europe is vital to achieve the European Union’s goals of sustained economic growth, more and better jobs and greater social cohesion. As part of the European Union Social Inclusion Process, the EU has agreed indicators for measuring Social inclusion which each Member State has to produce. The set of indicators were agreed in 2006.


  • Eurostat produces a broad and detailed range of statistics on poverty in Europe and the member states on their website.
  • The (UK) ‘Poverty Site‘ is a very useful collection of figures, not only for the UK but also for Europe generally