Wide engagement with European Minimum Income Bus in Ireland

There was wide public engagement with the messages being carried by the European Minimum Income Bus (EMIN) when it visited Ireland from the 18-21 May when as part of the 32 country tour. There was debate with a wide range of people on the streets and at seminars in Limerick, Longford and Dublin. The main message is that everyone should have a right to an income to afford a decent life, and that this is good for all of society. Continue to follow the Bus tour as it continues across the EU until the end of June.

The Irish Working Group preparing the project in Ireland produced a flyer outlining the main issues, which is available here.

Y0u can download the Seminar presentations by Fintan Farrell, EMIN Coordinator here and by Paul Ginnell, Director of EAPN Ireland here.

We encourage everyone to sign the online petition calling for action at EU level to ensure high standards for guaranteed Minimum Income schemes across the EU.



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