EAPN Ireland Policy Group


EAPN Ireland brings together member organisations to coordinate our efforts in the fight against poverty and to connect this to EU policy developments and their implementation in Ireland, including European policy post Europe 2020. The group has a particular emphasis on ensuring the development and implementation of an integrated approach to addressing poverty, and in particular to understanding and influencing policies related to adequate income and an inclusive labour market. The work of the Minimum Income Network around adequate and accessible social welfare supports,previously coordinated by EAPN Ireland, has been integrated into the work of the EAPN Ireland policy group.

Regularity of meetings: Meetings take place approximately once every 2 months.

The following organisations are members of the EAPN Ireland policy group:

Altogether in Dignity

Disability Federation of Ireland

Independent Living Movement Ireland

Irish National Organisation of the Unemployed

Irish Traveller Movement

Migrant Rights Centre Ireland

National Adult Literacy Agency

National Traveller Mabs

St. Vincent De Paul

Vincentian Partnership for Social Justice

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