EAPN Ireland Poverty Watch 2022- Equality for All?


Please find enclosed the EAPN Ireland Poverty Watch for 2022, entitled “Equality for All? Ireland as a Society not just an Economy”. The Poverty Watch for 2022 focuses on the issues that most impact marginalised groups in Ireland today and establishes recommendations to be taken at a government level in order to address social exclusion. Currently across Ireland we are experiencing rising living costs, a housing crisis, an energy crisis, and income inadequacy. There is an urgent need for further investment in essential public services, as well as autonomous community development within disadvantage areas. The publication also addresses the experiences of Travellers in Ireland today and people seeking international protection, an issue we have seen come to the fore throughout 2022. We would like to acknowledge the valuable input of Gillian and Lesley, who share their own personal experiences of inequality within the Poverty Watch for 2022.