The European Anti-Poverty Network (EAPN) Ireland Manifesto for the European Parliament Elections 2024, entitled For a More Equal Europe Free From Poverty, outlines our priorities for the European Parliament Elections on Friday 7 June.

To ensure the EU can live up to its own values, we are calling on candidates to commit an ambitious social agenda that puts social rights, inclusion equality, and the eradication of poverty at the heart of all EU policy. The attached Manifesto outlines our four key calls:

For a More Equal Europe

For a Europe Free From Poverty

For a Europe That Leaves No One Behind

For a More Inclusive, Participative and Representative Europe


The European Parliament is the people’s voice in the EU – the Members of Parliament (MEPs) are directly elected by and represent the citizens of the EU.

We need candidates who will work for a Europe where each of us has access to an adequate income, to affordable and quality essential services and to decent jobs, and that puts social inclusion, equality and social rights at its heart and leaves no one behind.

Read our full European Parliament Elections Manifesto 2024